The LAURA BLYTHMAN Pram Harness Cover


Image of The LAURA BLYTHMAN Pram Harness Cover

Our stunning Laura Blythman Collection- super happy and colourful and a treat for those who love design, vibrant colours and everything Laura Blythman's talents have to offer!

This Collection is designed for the vivacious baby, who is adventurous and is most at ease with the natural beauty of nature and is a gentle soul (and also a big softy for bunnies)

Reversible, so you can choose from two designs each day- White with small coloured bunnies or a fabric with scalloped colours and designs
Perfectly matched with our Laura Blythman liner or lovely on their own to add a little touch of style to your pram

Harness Covers are designed to place over your prams harnesses/straps, to protect them from spills, food and also from baby chewing them! They also to protect your precious little ones skin from rubbing against the straps, keeping them comfy whilst out and about in the pram- and what's better than a happy and sleeping baby!



Image of The LAURA BLYTHMAN Pram Harness Cover